A Letter to You From Doris

Thank you for joining me here.  Here’s my story of why I created Leadership Solutions for Women:   

Right after college, I started working in financial services.  I looked to the few senior women ahead of me for support and to show me the way to achieve career success.  I approached one of them and asked her to mentor me.  I was shocked when she turned me down.  I complained to a colleague and she helped me realize, THERE WERE SO FEW OF THEM AND SO MANY OF US.  As a result of so few women in senior leadership, men were my mentors or I didn’t have any at all.  Most times, I was on my own to learn how to be successful in a financial services career.

At first, success came ’easily’.  I worked hard, accepted new challenges, put in long hours, and volunteered for key assignments, which gave me visibility with senior management.  I made it clear to my superiors I wanted to learn and develop myself professionally. I took my positive attitude and strong work ethic to other organizations and was rewarded each time.

Years later, as a senior leader, the climb wasn’t as easy.  Promotions were more difficult to come by.  There were times I was told I wasn’t strategic enough, or I didn’t have a large enough team.  Once all three of my sponsors (all men, by the way) left our organization within two months of each other!  When that happened, I felt as if I was starting all over again.

There was a time when I was managing teams in North and South America.  I put in long hours, worked on many initiatives for my department and the division, and sacrificed time at home with my son.  The day my manager flew in from London to give me my annual performance review was an exciting day for me.  I couldn’t wait to hear about my impending promotion.

Then he said something I have never forgotten….”Doris, you work too hard.”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  How was that a bad thing?  That day was a turning point for me.  I realized there was more to me and to my life than working towards promotions.

I started to pursue other interests part-time:  coaching, training and mentoring business professionals.  They learned to reframe their attitudes, change their behaviors, which created different business results for them.  Through coaching, these individuals were being promoted, getting new business opportunities, improving professional relationships and making more money.  I found this work very satisfying and extremely rewarding.

I had a very rewarding banking career and am grateful for every moment of it.  I worked with very talented individuals, traveled the world, and was exposed to exciting and challenging opportunities.  As positive as the experience was, in 2010, I was ready to leave.  I decided to combine my business experience and my passion for coaching into a new career for myself.  That is when I created Leadership Solutions for Women.

Women want to advance as quickly as their male counterparts, without sacrificing time with their families.  Women want to realize their dreams.  Women want success on their terms and the power to pursue their interests.

My mission is to serve women.  I am interested in your professional development and your advancement in careers and businesses.  I’m here to support, empower, and encourage you to achieve your goals, develop your leadership presence, and advance into senior positions.

My hope is that twenty years from now there will be a senior woman executive mentoring each new woman joining our organizations.

Here’s to empowering the leader within you,

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