Leadership Solutions for Women specializes in executive coaching, leadership development and leadership training for business professionals and organizations wanting to develop their talent.  You may have some initial questions about working with me, so please review these FAQs to help determine if my services are right for you:

[collapsible_item title="Why would someone work with a leadership coach?"]There are many reasons:  career or job transitions, new role or additional responsibilities, building relationships with influencers, managing new team or projects, navigating organizational changes, considering new business opportunities, transitioning from individual contributor to manager, leading larger teams, dissatisfaction with current role, as well as those who desire to leave Corporate America and start their own business.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="How are you different from other leadership coaches?"] As a senior leader, who worked for global organizations, I have experienced first-hand most of what my clients are going through.  Through my business experience, I also know what skills are required to be recognized as a leader.  I combined by business experience and coaching certifications to help mid and senior executives prepare for advancement, new assignments and overcome the challenges they experience.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="What qualifies you to be an expert in leadership development?"]I have been coaching and mentoring professionals my entire career.  I worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years, with the last 10  years on Wall Street.  During this time, I coached many men and women to empower themselves, increase their confidence and lead from their strengths.  As a result of my coaching, they were recognized, assigned to key projects and promoted.
I am certified by New York University as an Executive and Leadership Coach, and I am a Certified Trainer with a leading global training organization.  I have successfully completed numerous executive development programs including Enhancing the Effectiveness of Senior Leaders with Leadership Forum, Inc., The Director’s Challenge at Deutsche Bank and Leading Change and Process Intervention at Duke University.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="What services do you provide?"] I provide Leadership Development Coaching, Transitional Career Coaching and Organization Leadership Development.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="Who are your clients?"] I work with business professionals who are experiencing organizational challenges, are having difficulties advancing in their careers or need help to recognize their blind spots as leaders.  I also work with organizations which are looking to develop and retain their talent.
My ideal clients are committed to their success.  They are busy individuals, who are looking to work with someone to put them on a success track, will challenge them and hold them accountable to implementing the strategies we have developed together.  They are willing to put time and effort into their professional development.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="How do you work with clients?"] Please refer to my Services page.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="What would be expected of me as a client?"]My ideal clients are committed to their success and take ownership for their current situation.  They are results-oriented, and determined individuals, who recognize that in order to achieve different results in their professions, they need to change their actions and behaviors.  These individuals are willing to learn and try new tactics and strategies.  They enjoy developing themselves and willingly enter into the coaching engagement.[/collapsible_item]

[collapsible_item title="Where do I start?"] It’s simple.  Contact me for a coaching consultation.  This 30-minute call will allow us to discuss your professional or organizational goals and determine next steps.[/collapsible_item]

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