According to research by Catalyst, the non-profit organization that promotes women and business, Companies that achieve diversity in their management and on their corporate boards attain better financial results, on average, than other companies.”  Yet, women are still underrepresented in senior management, represent only 4% of the CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies and only hold 17% of Board seats.  At Leadership Solutions for Women, I would like to help change that.

Whether you are a woman professional or an organization looking to advance your female leaders, I focus on business results.  I work with each professional to understand the goals to be achieved, what behaviors need to change, and how implementing new strategies will benefit the individual, as well as the organization.  My success is based on your success, so I am just as invested as you are in our programs.

For more information, we welcome you to visit the services that best suit your professional needs:

My mission is to help women advance in their careers and to serve the organizations that support and encourage their female leaders.  Please contact me for a consultation call to see how I can help you advance your mission.

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