Leadership Development Coaching

Do you find yourself working harder and still not getting ahead or progressing in your career?  Are you taking on more responsibility and not getting recognized or promoted?  Are you managing a team and feeling as if you are working harder than they do?  Do you have a work related issue that keeps you up at night?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, I can help.

The competition in Corporate America is fierce to say the least and we need to perform at our best at all times. As a career-minded professional, you have experienced progress and success, but now feel as if you are at an impasse in your career.  Many factors can be contributed to this standstill, including lack of organizational savvy, absence of executive and leadership presence, or the inability to communicate assertively in a male-dominated industry.

You are not alone.

Leadership Solutions for Women can help you identify the changes you need to embrace to advance in your career.  Together, we will evaluate your current career situation, create a plan, and coach you on specific business strategies to help you acheive your career goals.

The INCREASE Your Leadership™ development plan includes:

  • Identify future needs
  • Notice current situation
  • Celebrate strengths
  • Recognize personal brand
  • Evaluate relationships
  • Acknowledge challenges
  • Strategize next steps
  • Empower yourself

Through my proven process, you will become more self-aware, confident and empowered.  I offer this coaching service through one-on-one, two-person and group coaching engagements.

If you are a mid or senior level professional looking to progress to the next level of your career, let me show you how I coach you to INCREASE your leadership presence.

Please contact me today for a complimentary coaching consultation.

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