Organizational Leadership Development

Do you want to enhance the effectiveness of your emerging female leaders?  Do you have high-potential women who could benefit from leadership development, or need coaching to prepare for a new leadership role?  Would you like to increase the effectiveness of team results by developing the women who lead them?

If so, I would like to work with you to create solutions to help these women, their managers and their organization.

Many businesses in Corporate America have hosted women networking events or created mentoring programs, but still find that women are either leaving their organizations, or are not progressing at the same rate as men.

Leadership Solutions for Women can help you identify and implement new strategies and programs to strengthen, empower and retain the female talent you already have within your organization.  By cultivating these emerging and executive leaders, you will increase employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

Organizational leadership development services include:

  • One-on-one coaching engagements
  • Full and half day workshops
  • Seminars
  • Group coaching

If you are a Human Resource Professional or in charge of developing your organization’s talent, I can help you create solutions that retain women and help them advance within your ogranization.

Please contact me today to set-up a needs assessment consultation.

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