Here’s what a few clients have to say about Leadership Solutions for Women…

Doris Braun is an exceptional coach.

I have worked with her on numerous occasions, but most recently engaged her during a period of time when I really needed guidance and expertise to find my way out of several professional challenges.  One of them, more specifically, related to advancing my skills and education in a way that would move my career forward, but I needed buy-in from my employer.  Doris helped me focus on what was most important for me to achieve – a critical component in my world of competing priorities – and gave me extremely valuable advice and perhaps even more importantly, practical tactics on how to approach my boss and colleagues for financial as well as overall career support.

I am convinced that working with Doris resulted in a well thought out plan that, once implemented, successfully influenced my boss to see that what I was requesting was a win-win for us both.  My requested course enrollments and certifications were accepted and the organization agreed to finance it as well.

Doris’ experience and approach were invaluable for me to achieve several goals within a defined time frame, and I am so very thankful for her help.”

Lisa Stefanoff
Chief Information Technology Director
The Specialty Food Association



“I started working with Doris because I knew I wanted to make a change in my career, but was stuck.  She helped me focus on what was working, what wasn’t and helped me rediscover what I enjoyed about my work.

I knew I was ready for the next step in my career but I was having a hard time figuring out what that looked like.  With Doris’ help, I was able to break through my self-imposed barriers and was able to set a clear vision for myself moving forward.

I enjoyed working with Doris. She pushed me in areas that I really needed it and I made breakthroughs in areas I struggled with in the past.

Her background as a successful, professional female added depth to the guidance and insight she provided in our conversations.”

Amy Marpman
Director of Recycling Services
Great Forest


“Working with Doris helped me to clearly focus on a career move that I had struggled with for more than a year.

The tools and perspective she shared allowed me to look at things in new ways and to define the next steps in reaching my goals.

Her support made a real difference and I was very happy with the outcome.”

Sheila K.
Senior Communications Manager
Professional Services industry

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